We are very happy to announce that APSCO, the Asia-Pacific Space Cooperation Organization, has joined our Institute as an institutional member in 2021.

APSCO is an inter-governmental organisation with full international legal status, headquartered in Beijing, PRC.

The IISL welcomes the opportunity to cooperate with APSCO and looks forward to many fruitful interactions in the future. Our first joint appearance will be in an edition of the IISL Happy Hour, when APSCO will be introduced. Later this year, the IISL will participate in a space law workshop in Sanya, China, which APSCO is organising in collaboration with the European Space Agency (ESA) and the China Institute of Space Law (CISL).

Below, see the kind letter received by IISL from Ms Aisha Jagirani, Director-General of External Relations and Legal Affairs Department of APSCO.