The IISL Election Committee, currently comprising José Monserrat Filho (Chair), George D. Kyriakopoulos and Leslie I. Tennen invites you to take part in the 2022 IISL Board Elections.
All IISL Members are entitled to put themselves forward for the following elected positions on the Board:

  • President (one position)
  • Vice-President (one position)
  • Directors (four positions)

The names of the IISL Board members whose term of office expires this year are:
President: Kai-Uwe Schrogl
Vice-President: Diane Howard (vacant on resignation)
Directors: Steve Freeland, Martha Mejia Kaiser, Elina Morozova, Peter Martinez

A candidate is to be nominated by an IISL Member in good standing and supported by five IISL Members in good standing, and must confirm that he / she / they agrees to be nominated.

For further details please refer to the full terms of the IISL Statutes and By-Laws, available at

The candidates for the IISL Board positions are to submit ONLINE a Nomination Form. For your candidacy to be considered, please make sure that TWO FORMS are duly submitted (one by YOU and another one by YOUR NOMINATOR):

For the Nominee: here
For the Nominator: here

Please note that there is no save and edit later function, therefore you have to allocate enough time for filling it out. We would recommend you to have the text ready in word and copy paste it to the online form. Prior to this, you have to get confirmations from the nominator and five supporters (as you will be asked to specify the date on which the consent has been given).
In accordance with the IISL Statutes and By-Laws the Election Committee is authorized to draw up the list of qualifying candidates, supervise the election process, and count the votes.

Voting shall take place between June 15 and July 15, 2022.

Please note that there is only one vote per institutional member, and the IISL Election Committee must be notified as soon as possible (and definitely prior to voting) as to who is the designated Point of Contact (POC). Please also note that while not formally prohibited to nominate / support, the Committee suggests that for ethical reasons, members who stand for election should abstain from nominating / supporting other candidates.

We kindly remind you that nominations received after May 15, 2022 cannot be considered.

With best regards,

The IISL Election Committee
José Monserrat Filho (Chair)
George D. Kyriakopoulos
Leslie I. Tennen

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