On September 21, IISL Board Member Elina Morozova (Intersputnik) won the IAC 2022 Interactive Presentation Award on Space and Society (Category E) with her paper titled: “On the 55th Anniversary of the Rescue Agreement: the drafting history and contribution to strengthening international cooperation”. The author provided an expert review of the Rescue Agreement, identifying main drafting features while also addressing current challenges.

The Interactive Presentations Session is a dynamic forum among presenters and the audience and highly interactive, allowing authors and participants to engage in in-depth discussions about the presented work from which new collaborations, ideas, and solutions can emerge.

The IISL presentations on that day were attended by the full IISL Board Members, which adjourned its meeting taking place in parallel, to follow the event. 

At IAC 2022, the Interactive Presentations Session also hosted the winner of this year’s IISL Diederiks-Verschoor Award, the paper titled  “The Multi-Level System of Space Mining: Regulatory Aspects and Enforcement Options”, by Antonino Salmeri (University of Luxembourg).