The IISL Election Committee has the honour of inviting IISL members to take part in the 2015 IISL Board election. All IISL Members are entitled to put themselves forward for the following elected positions on the Board: Vice-President (one position) and Directors (nine positions).

A candidate for a position on the Board is to fill out a nomination form (available on the IISL website at and to submit it, along with any requested attachment, to the Election Committee.

A candidate is to be nominated by an IISL Member in good standing and supported by five IISL Members in good standing, and must confirm that he/she agrees to be nominated. For further details please refer to the full terms of the IISL Statutes and By-Laws.

The 2015 candidates for the IISL Board membership are to send their nomination forms, providing all the requested information, along with a curriculum vitae or a biography or a statement of one page at most (in MS Word or PDF format) to the Election Committee at not later than 15 May 2015, with the subject line IISL Board Election.

In accordance with the IISL Statutes and By-Laws the Election Committee is authorised to draw up the list of qualifying candidates, supervise the election process and count the votes.

Voting shall take place between June 15 and July 15. During the 2015 Board election votes shall be cast by IISL Members in good standing electronically via the website.

We kindly remind you that nominations received after 15 May 2015 cannot be considered.

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