The 2022 United Nations/Chile Conference on Space Law and Policy addressed the topic of Governance and Legal Perspectives on Space Activities in Earth Orbit and Beyond and was held on between 10 and 12 May 2022 in virtual format. IISL President Kai-Uwe Schrogl presented on space traffic management under the title Towards a regime for Space Traffic Management – governance perspective on 11 May 2022.

During the presentation, the IISL President highlighted that the Institute was closely connected to the topic of STM through for instance the ongoing trilateral project on STM shared between the IAA, IAF, and IISL; as well as STM having been the session theme of numerous IISL Colloquia on Space Law sessions and the 2015 IISL/ECSL Symposium at the UNCOPUOS Legal Subcommittee (LSC), which supported the establishment of an LSC agenda item on STM in 2016.

It was emphasised that regulation of STM has multilateral and national aspects, which bears the importance of reaching international consensus before increasing national legislation could split up harmonisation of STM regulation. Furthermore, the presentation compared two approaches to STM regulation; the (incremental) bottom-up approach, whereby the co-existence of regulatory instruments of different nature and purpose contributes to the building-blocks of STM emerging from single fields of regulation, and the top-down approach, whereby a comprehensive and inclusive STM regime is created.