During IAC 2022 in Paris, IISL in cooperation with NASA and CSA hosted a special event on an update on the Artemis Accords. The event was moderated by IISL President Kai-Uwe Schrogl and hosted in the IISL meeting room at the Paris Convention Centre. It featured a panel discussion about the future of the Artemis Accords and lunar exploration. The following panelists took part:

• NASA perspective: Gabriel Swiney, NASA
• CSA perspective: Eleonora Agnew, CSA
• European perspective: Marco Ferrazzani, ESA
• Academic perspective: Tanja Masson-Zwaan, Leiden University
• Emerging space perspective: Ruvimbo Samanga, Access Partnership

The presentations by the panelists were followed by Q&A from the audience. The remarks and discussion focused on how to implement measures to ensure sustainability, safety, and peaceful exploration of the Moon, in terms of both normative efforts like the Accords, and also more operational issues, such as how to ensure all actors are able to access desirable areas of the lunar surface such as the south polar region. The panelists also discussed how to ensure that lunar exploration benefits all nations and how cooperative efforts from around the world can coordinate with each other.