Our newsletter for June, July and August 2021 is now available.

Highlights include:

  • IISL BoD Statement on the Consideration of the Interests of the Public and Other Stakeholders in the Authorization and Continuing Supervision of Commercial Space Activities
  • IISL Statement at COPUOS LSC 
  • 2021 IISL ECSL Symposium: ‘Space Law for Global Space Economy’
  • Creation of a new IISL Working Group on Light Pollution of the Night Sky from a Space Law Perspective
  • APSCO becomes a new member
  • News and Announcements
    • Information on IAC for IISL Members
    • The Seventh “IISL Happy Hour”
    • The Sixth “IISL Happy Hour”
    • The Fifth “IISL Happy Hour”
    • The Fourth “IISL Happy Hour”
    • Manfred Lachs Space Law Moot Court Competition, European Champions, the Best Memorial, and the Best Oralist of 2021
    • The Space Court Foundation, exclusive organizer of the North American Regional Competition 
  • Member News
    • In Memoriam – Ernst Fasan (1926 – 2021)
  • Calendar

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