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IISL is the most powerful organization in terms of concentration of bright minds operating in the space law field representing different generations, genders, and geographical regions. In comparison to other space law-related institutions, this is our competitive advantage.

On the occasion of our 60th Anniversary, we are launching a project named IISL Space Law Knowledge Constellation that has been conceptualized within the IISL over the last years and boosted by  the new reality we live in. The project will be run in line with our values – inclusivity and equality (referring to a non-hierarchical approach, where every IISL member is granted equal rights to contribute, irrespective of title and position in the space community). 

The Knowledge Constellation will rely on the knowledge of more than 350 members spread over six continents. In this project, there are no ‘invitation-only’ contributors, but all IISL members are encouraged to contribute without any hierarchy precondition. Each entry will be properly referenced, explicitly recognizing the authorship of every contributing author. The Advisory Board (composed of IISL Board Members, Honorary Directors, Officers, President Emerita, and the President) will approve the list of notions / concepts made up based on suggestions put forward by members.

This project is based on using new technologies as a tool for IISL Members to participate and enjoy the benefits of a comprehensive Knowledge Constellation. The project planning calendar for entries is split into 36 months (the initial project timeline which, if successful, will be extended for another 36 months with the addition of new concepts). Each month, five new concepts are identified and entries made are given green light. Advisory Board members or experts in respective fields (from the IISL membership) will be asked to draft a short introduction to each concept. 

Particularly the non-traditional entries with infographics, schemes, visual interpretation, and interrelation of concepts are welcomed. The authors will be asked to present their personal perspectives only (so that they can be cited in the future). 

What will make a big difference with regard to other similar initiatives is that this will be a zero budget project open for partnerships with other interested institutions (preference will be given to individual and prospective members, institutional members and affiliated to our members’ institutions).

Call for ideas: 

Please email us the list of notions / concepts you believe should be included in the IISL Space Law Knowledge Constellation!

Call for volunteers:

–    Graphic designers (infographic and video compilation)
–    Social Media content creators

When submitting your statement of interest, please specify the period of time you could commit and hours per week you could allocate. 

Call for partnerships:

Are you an institutional member or affiliated to our members’ institutions interested in partnering/supporting this project? Please email us stating your interest!
 All correspondence should go to and / or
We are looking very much forward to your active engagement!

IISL Space Law Knowledge Constellation Executive Team
Olga Stelmakh-Drescher (Chair)
Scarlet Wagner (Co-Chair, Strategic Partnerships Coordinator)
Laetitia Z (Co-Chair, Executive Project Coordinator)