The International Institute of Space Law (“IISL”) Board of Directors is pleased to announce that by unanimous vote, it has approved Latin America as its 5th Region. Latin America joins the North American, European, Asia Pacific and African Regions. Regional winners receive financial support to attend the World Finals. The IISL’s Lachs competition is particularly distinguished by the tradition of judges of the International Court of Justice presiding over and judging the World Final. The World Finals take place within the framework of the IISL’s annual Colloquium, which is a part of the International Astronautical Congress held on a different continent each year. The Lachs competition offers an unparalleled learning experience to all teams at all levels in a fair and cordial environment. Latin America demonstrated through test rounds the last two years that there is sufficient interest in Latin American law schools to sustain a viable Regional competition. The IISL congratulates the Latin American Regional Organizer, Professor Jairo Becerra, and Assistant Regional Organizer, Professor Laura Gamarra, from the Universidad Católica de Colombia, and all those who worked to achieve this objective. Funding for travel of the winning Latin American team to the World Finals will be provided by the Space Network for Latin America and the Caribbean – ReLaCa ESPACIO.