Dear AP Teams:

Here is more important information regarding the revised AP competition:

• BIT will handle Memorial grading in the normal manner and announce scores on 25 April. International and AP Regional Rules applicable to Memorials are to be followed. After this initial grading is complete, BIT will advise the Moot Court Committee Chair of the top five teams based on total scores (combined Applicant & Respondent scores). Those teams will advance to a second round of grading. If there is a tie for number 5, the top 6 will advance. Teams will be advised that they are in the second round.

• The Moot Court’s AP subcommittee, led by Professor Steven Freeland, will invite and form a group of six distinguished IISL members, many of whom will be IISL Officers, with considerable moot court experience (the “Final Graders”), who will rank (not score) the AP memorials from number 1 (the best) to number 5 (or 6 if applicable).

• Three Final Graders will rank the Applicant memorials and another three will rank the Respondent memorials. By May 15, all Final Graders will report their rankings to the AP subcommittee through Professor Freeland and to the Moot Court Committee chair & co-chairs. The rankings will be totaled and the team with the lowest number will be the winner. In the event of a tie for first or second place, the Final Graders will confer and identify the winner based on the best overall Applicant and Respondent memorials. The team with the best memorials will advance to the International Finals at the IAC unless a mini-oral competition among the top four teams is organized. At this point, such a competition is unlikely, but is not yet ruled out. Teams should proceed as if the memorial rankings will solely identify the winning AP team.

• Teams will continue to be identified solely by their assigned AP number.

• All of the top five (or six if applicable) teams will get recognition (certificates or plaques) generally as follows: Best Team, Runner Up, Semi-Finalist. The placement of the top five (or six if applicable) will be announced by the Moot Court Committee not later than May 25.

• Any questions on the original grading of memorials should be directed to BIT at

• Questions about the second round of grading, only if really necessary, should be directed to the Moot Court Committee.

• This process has gone through weeks of evaluation by the Moot Court Committee, the AP Subcommittee, and others. We understand the lack of an AP oral competition is disappointing. We encourage all teams to focus on their memorials and do the best job possible.

Best regards,

Regional Organizers,
Asia-Pacific Moot Court Competition