For fourteen years, the IISL Colloquium has been starting with the Nandasiri Jasentuliyana Young Scholars Session, where a specialist on space law provides a keynote lecture. This year, Prof. Armel Kerrest, an exceptional space law professor, gave this highlight lecture. Prof. Kerrest was followed by the presentations of young speakers. The session chairs were IISL Vice-President Setsuko Aoki and IISL member Jean-Philippe Clerc.

The Young Scholar Session again covered a broad spectrum of fascinating topics, such as Chinese space activities, definition of space debris, contribution of Chilean legislation to space law, legal considerations arising from on-orbit servicing and spaceflight accident investigation. Each young speaker received a certificate of participation. As member of the Young Scholars Fund Committee, Director Mejía-Kaiser organized the delivery of certificates. 

These young speakers demonstrated this year again the high quality of research of the next generation of space lawyers. We are delighted we had these talented young minds joining the IISL Colloquium.

From left to right: Session Co-chairs Jean-Philippe Clerc and IISL Vice-President Setsuko Aoki, young scholars Xiaodao Li and Andrea Capurso, Armel Kerrest, young scholars Isi Casas del Valle Pacheco, Laura Cummings and Ramzi Masri-Elyafaoui, IISL Director Martha Mejía-Kaiser and IISL President Kai-Uwe Schrogl.