The Manfred Lachs Moot Court Committee shall oversee the annual Manfred Lachs International Space Law Moot Court Competition. Toward this end, the Committee shall promote and coordinate with the regional competitions and organize and conduct the Semi-finals and Final rounds of the competition. The functions of the Committee shall include, among other things, the maintenance of the Official Rules of the competition, the establishment of the schedule, and the preparation of the Moot Problem.

The Committee shall ensure that the Problem is drafted and posted on the IISL website in a timely manner in accordance with a schedule. The Committee shall distribute the Problem to the regional organizers and shall oversee the provision of clarifications by (i) collecting questions for clarification from the regional organizers, (ii) obtaining responses from the problem author and (iii) drafting a comprehensive document containing all clarifications which shall be provided to the regional organizers for distribution to the teams. The Committee shall also ensure that the Problem author prepares a summary of the Problem and a bench memorial in a timely manner so that such materials can be provided to the judges.

The Committee shall serve as the IISL liaison with the Local Organizing Committee for the IAF to arrange for the Semi-finals and Final rounds of the competition during the annual Colloquium. The Committee shall coordinate with the IISL President and with the organizers of the annual IISL awards dinner regarding the venue for the Final and the travel for the Judges for the Final. The Committee shall also be responsible for other tasks in connection with the Semi-finals and Final rounds of the competition such as (i) the preparation of written brochures or other descriptive materials, (ii) arranging the production of plaques and certificates, (iii) arranging for time keepers and judge assistants, (iv) inviting judges to judge written memorials and semi-finals oral arguments and providing them with the memorials and other necessary materials and (v) collecting the funds from award sponsors.

The original Manfred Lachs Trophy has been placed on permanent display at the International Court of Justice at the Peace Palace in The Hague, The Netherlands. A replica trophy shall be shall be kept and maintained by the Moot Court Committee (e.g. a co-chair) and be presented during the World Finals and for exhibition purposes in other events.

The Committee shall prepare an annual Moot Court Report for inclusion in the Proceedings of the IISL which shall include the names of the Judges, the members of the teams participating in the Semi-finals and Final, the winners of the competition and the awards, names of sponsors and the memorials pleaded by the finalist teams during the Final (in edited form). Following each competition, the Committee shall promptly provide to (i) the IISL webmaster and (ii) the Executive Secretary with the results of the competition so that such information may be posted on the IISL website and included in the IISL newsletter. The Committee shall also prepare revisions to the Official Rules as may become necessary or advisable (with the understanding that all rule revisions must be approved by the Board).

The Committee shall also promote the further development of the competition, including the potential expansion of the regional competitions to include regions that do not yet participate in the competition.