The voting period opens on 15 June 2024 and closes on 15 July 2024.

Below we are presenting the candidates for the 2024 IISL Elections.

This page features important information about each candidate's background and motivation, and lists the names of the candidate's nominator and supporters. You are encouraged to read each candidate's nomination form (nominee) and nominator's form before you vote. You are also encouraged to see the composition of the current IISL Board here.

Below, you can find an overview document listing all candidates including their nominators and supporters, as well as individual information on each candidate highlighting their professional experience, relationship with IISL, as well as election campaign.

Overview 2024 IISL Elections

Vice president: 1 candidate - 1 position

Ranjana Kaul

Directors: 15 candidates - 9 positions

Olavo Bittencourt

Catherine Doldirina

Alissa J. Haddaji

Andrea Harrington

Ruth Pritchard-Kelly

Masahiko Sato

Bernhard Schmidt-Tedd

Yu Takeuchi

Jenni Tapio

Fabio Tronchetti

Valentin Uvarov

Quentin Verspieren

Olga Volynskaya

Guoyu Wang

Yun Zhao