REMINDER:Take part in the 2024 IISL Elections!  

Voting in the 2024 IISL Board Elections opened on 15 June and will remain open until July 15, 23:59 CEST.

Be sure to take part in our 2024 Elections! 

Voting is open to all individual and institutional IISL Members in good standing. 

You can find more information on the elections as well as the candidates' profiles and the voting forms on our website at 2024 IISL ELECTIONS.

Please note that there are two separate polls: the vote for IISL Vice-President and IISL Directors. Each one requires a separate confirmation of the vote via the "submit" button. 

You will also receive two separate emails to confirm your participation in the IISL Elections - one for your vote in the Vice-President Poll and one for your vote in the Directors Poll. Conformation emails are sent out manually and it can take up to 7 days to receive the confirmation email. 

Note to all members who have already voted in both Polls, Vice-President and Directors: please track in your inbox of your email address registered with IISL if you have received two separate confirmation emails confirming your participation in each of the two polls. If you have only received one confirmation email, but intended to vote in both Polls, one of your votes has not gone through and you can revisit our website to submit your vote in the missing Poll again. 

Please contact in case of technical difficulties and add this email address to your contacts so that our communications are not marked as spam by your email client.

You can vote for the following positions:

  • 9 Directors
  • 1 Vice-President


IISL 2024 Elections