The Executive Secretary is one of the Officers upon the Board of the International Institute of Space Law.

P.J. Blount

Term: 2023 - 2026

Dr. P.J. Blount (Ph.D., Global Affairs, Rutgers University, 2016; M.S., Global Affairs, Rutgers University, 2015; LL.M., Public International Law, King’s College London, 2007; J.D., University of Mississippi School of Law, 2006; B.A./A.B.J., University of Georgia, 2002) is a Postdoctoral Researcher in space and communication law at the University of Luxembourg. 

He has also served as an adjunct professor in the LL.M. in the Air and Space Law at the University of Mississippi School of Law and in the Department of Political Science and Law at Montclair State University. In Fall of 2017, he was a Visiting Scholar at the Beijing Institute of Technology School of Law. Blount’s primary research areas are legal issues related to space security and cyberspace governance. 

He has published and presented widely on the topic of space security law and has given expert testimony on space traffic management before the U.S. House of Representatives’ Subcommittee on Space. Blount serves as the co-editor-in-chief of the Proceedings of the IISL, and he was formerly the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Space Law. Before becoming the IISL Executive Secretary, he was a member of the Board of Directors of the International Institute of Space Law. He is a member of the State Bar of Georgia in the United States.