Prospective Members

Young professionals and other individuals who have demonstrated an interest in space law but do not yet meet the requirements for full membership may be nominated for Prospective Membership to the IISL by a Director or by three Individual Members in good standing. They are exempted from payment of membership dues. They have the right to attend meetings of the General Assembly, but do not have the right to vote. Prospective Membership is valid for two years. Thereafter, interested members must apply for Individual Membership, otherwise their membership will be automatically ended.

Individual Members

Individuals distinguished by their contributions to or of proven interest in the field of space law or other social science aspects related to space activities may be nominated for Individual Membership to the Institute by a Director or by three Individual Members in good standing of the Institute. Each Individual Member has one vote.

Membership dues

All Members of the Institute, except prospective members, pay annual Membership dues, the amount of which is established by the General Assembly on a proposal by the Board of Directors. Dues are paid per fiscal year (from 1 August until 31 July). Members are in good standing when they are less than or equal to two years in arrears of Membership dues.

Only pay if you are already a member of the Institute. You may pay your outstanding dues for previous years by clicking the button several times. Institutional members will be invoiced separately.

A receipt will be sent to you after your payment has been processed.

For individual membership for 1 year – 75 EUR.