Happy New Year from the IISL!

IISL wishes all of its members a wonderful 2024!

Starting off the year with a remarkable flashback to the beginnings of space law, we are delighted to make available to you another IISL publication, prepared by our esteemed member and Honorary Director of IISL Stephen E. Doyle. The book “Pioneers of Space Law: Vladimir Mandl” features a republication of Vladimir Mandl’s “Das Weltraum-Recht - Ein Problem der Raumfahrt” (Space Law - A Problem of Space Travel) of 1932: the first monograph ever published on space law. The present edition features a biographical description of the life of Mandl (Chapter 1), a copy of the original 48 page monograph in German (Chapter 2), a comprehensive translation of the monograph in English (Chapter 3), and concluding remarks by the author (Chapter 4). With this, a book that has become sparse after World War II is made accessible again to all space lawyers, together with excellent and timely commentary by the author.

On Stephen E. Doyle: In the late 1950’s and early 1960’s Steve studied at Boston College, the University of Massachusetts, Duke Law School, and McGill University’s Institute for Air and Space Law. For more than four decades he worked closely with government officials, aerospace industry experts, and with national and international space policy makers from every part of the world to help formulate many existing space laws and policies. His exceptional experience and vision enable him to contribute significantly to continuing development of space law and policy.

We sincerely thank Stephen Doyle and the IISL Directorate of Studies chaired by Stephan Hobe for their commitment and wish all members a delightful time travel to the early days of space law and happy reading!

Please find the link to download below:
Stephen E. Doyle, Pioneers of Space Law: Vladimir Mandl (1899-1941), IISL Directorate of Studies 2023

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