Dispute resolution in space activities: DFIC webinar held

Understanding the DIFC Courts and Their Resources: The DIFC Courts serve as a reference for legal excellence in the Middle East, providing a secure and efficient platform for resolving commercial and civil disputes.

We are pleased to report on an recent webinar by the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) Courts, which was held on on 22 February 2024. The event was held by Mrs Amna Al Owais, Chef Registrar of DIFC Courts, and introduced by IISL Board Member, Prof. Mahulena Hofmann. It offered an important discussion on the evolving landscape of dispute settlement, particularly in the context of space activities. The topic is highly relevant considering the increasing commercialisation of space services and the complex legal challenges this presents. Dispute resolution in space activities requires an understanding of various jurisdictions and legal systems. The DIFC Courts, with their innovative approach, offer interesting insights and solutions. This presentation was a great opportunity for legal practitioners, scholars, and anyone interested in the fields of space law and international dispute resolution to gain in-depth knowledge from an expert and engage in discussions that could shape future legal frameworks in space activities. 

The event was supported and attended by several IISL members, among which Prof. Mahulena Hofmann of Luxembourg University, who introduced the event, Prof. Kai-Uwe Schrogl, IISL President, Prof. Irmgard Marboe of University Vienna, and Prof. Frans von der Dunk of University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

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DIFC Courts webinar participants

As part of the DIFC commitment to advancing legal knowledge and fostering dialogue on emerging legal challenges, the following lecture topics have been covered, reflecting the dynamic and evolving nature of space law:

  • UAE Space Law No. 12 of 2019: Detailed analysis of the UAE's pioneering space law.
  • Introduction to Space Law: Foundations and principles of international space law.
  • Overview of Long-Term Sustainability for Space Activities: Discussing the sustainability challenges and strategies for long-term space activities.
  • Overview of Space Traffic Management: Exploring the management of space traffic and its implications for space operations.
  • Space Asset and Space Project Financing: Insights into financing mechanisms for space assets, including secured transactions and the proposed Space Asset Protocol of the Cape Town Convention.
  • International Private Law & Secured Transaction Law in Outer Space: Examination of how international private law applies to secured transactions in outer space.
  • Dispute Resolution in Space Insurance: Understanding the mechanisms for resolving disputes in space insurance agreements.
  • Space Communication: Regulatory Framework: Analysis of the regulatory framework governing space communications.
  • Liability for Damage & Norms of Behaviour Beyond Earth Orbit: Discussing liability issues and norms for activities beyond Earth orbit.
  • Authorisation & Supervision of Space Activities: The processes for authorising and supervising space activities under international law.
  • Space Resources Policies & The Artemis Accords: Examination of policies related to space resources and the Artemis Accords.
  • Mapping the Litigation-prone Interactions in Space: Identifying potential areas of litigation in space activities.
  • UAE National Space Strategy 2030: Overview of the UAE's strategic vision for its space sector by 2030.